Dr. Julio E. Sabater, a seasoned clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience, has woven his knowledge and expertise from leading his two organizations–the Sabter Laboratory for Psychological Innovations Inc., and the SabaterLAB Foundation–into the fabric of the Team: Changing Minds (T:CM) community. His journey with the T:CM Project reflects a deep-seated commitment to mental health advocacy, particularly for BIPOC and underserved populations. Driven by a scholarship opportunity, Dr. Sabater became involved with the initiative to bring Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) closer to his community, a mission that aligns with his professional ethos and personal values.

Though Dr. Sabater faced some initial challenges with the MHFA connect platform, his resolve led him to leverage the abundant resources and support that the program offers, ensuring no obstacle is too unmanageable. His participation not only fortified his unique position as a beacon of hope within his community but also expanded his ability to offer crucial YMHFA training locally, marking a significant stride in his ongoing advocacy efforts.

Collaboration emerged as a cornerstone of his experience, notably through his partnership with Khary Green, a fellow BIPOC cofacilitator. This alliance not only eased Dr. Sabater into his role at T:CM and as a YMHFA instructor but also underscored the importance of community and shared purpose in facilitating mental health education.

Dr. Sabater is extremely proud of his achievements as a part of the T:CM Program, particularly, in training fourteen new first-aiders in 2023, a testament to his dedication and impact. The ease with which he was able to extend YMHFA training to his Spanish-speaking interns as part of the curriculum in this Clinical Training and Service Internship Program, was an unexpected boon that further amplified his reach and influence.

Dr. Sabater’s involvement in the T:CM Program has both aligned with and propelled his long-term goals, reinforcing his advocacy efforts and fostering a more inclusive and aware community. The sense of belonging and support he found within the program has enriched his experience, making it not just a professional endeavor but a personal milestone.

His advice to prospective participants is a call to action, emphasizing the transformative potential of the training offered by the program, especially for communities that have been historically marginalized in mental health discourse. Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Sabater regards the impact of Team: Changing Minds on his life as “priceless”, encapsulating a profound personal and professional evolution rooted in service, education, and empowerment.