In the heart of the city, a bond forged through mentorship has blossomed into a story of inspiration, growth, and shared experiences. Meet Jerome, a dedicated mentor originally and his awesome Little, Jaylen. Their journey together, spanning six impactful years, reflects the transformative power of mentorship and the enduring connection between two individuals brought together by fate and shared aspirations.

Jerome’s journey as a Big Brother began 20 years ago when he made the move from one big city to another in California. Little did he know that this change would set the stage for one of the most rewarding decisions of his life. A friend’s recommendation led him to explore becoming a mentor, a prospect that initially left him apprehensive given his lack of prior parenting experience.

Undeterred, Jerome embarked on the application process with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The well-organized process, coupled with supportive staff, eased his concerns, paving the way for a transformative experience that awaited him.

Six years ago, Jerome was introduced to Jaylen and his family for the first time. Despite initial nerves, Jerome found an immediate connection with his Little. “He was a perfect match,” Jerome recalls, emphasizing their shared love for sports and an active lifestyle.

For their first outing, Jerome aimed high, wanting to set the tone for a lasting connection. Armed with every sports ball imaginable, they embarked on an adventure at the park, establishing a foundation built on common interests. With its skateboarding lessons and shared sports moments, the park quickly became a cherished space for their growing brotherhood.

Jerome’s commitment to making a positive impact led him to join the local agency’s Junior Board. Initially nervous about what to expect, he aimed to add value to the team and contribute to the agency’s mission. Today, he proudly serves as the co-chair of the Junior Board, leveraging relationships to create a better impact for other Littles.

As Jaylen continues to grow and explore life’s possibilities, Jerome’s commitment to his Little Brother remains unwavering. Their conversations about the power of relationships have inspired Jerome to use his connections to plant seeds for future leaders. He encourages Jaylen to aspire to leadership positions in his school, fostering a vision of greatness.

In Jaylen, Jerome has found a source of inspiration and a gentle reminder to always be a kind and gracious person. Their journey, marked by achievements and lessons learned, exemplifies the enduring bond that defines mentorship. Brothers for life, Jerome and Jaylen are poised to create even more incredible memories as they navigate the future together. Their story is a testament to the profound impact of mentorship and the transformative power of shared experiences.